Berkeley Walks’ book exposes different facets of the city, by Frances Dinkelspiel on Berkeleyside (Dec. 17, 2015)
"The response to the book has been tremendous. Books, Inc. on Shattuck Avenue has sold 92 copies since its publication in late September, making Berkeley Walks 'the second bestselling book for non-fiction,' in the store, according to Christopher Griffin, a bookseller. It is selling better than the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Only an adult coloring book is selling better, he said.
'That’s very good,' said Griffin."

Snapp Shots: If Berkeley's Walls Could Talk — New Book Covers It, by Martin Snapp in the Berkeley Voice and Contra Costa Times (Nov. 11, 2015)
"Want a great stocking stuffer to give your Berkeley friends this holiday season? Have I got a book for you!"

Annalee Allen: Berkeley's guided walks rekindle childhood memories, by Annalee Allen in the Contra Costa Times (Nov. 13, 2015)
"Naturally, reading the section on Elmwood, I learned something new. Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham spent a summer (in 1971) in a home on Derby Street. They were on a break from Yale Law School, say the authors, and they shared the apartment of Hillary's mother's half-sister. Hillary clerked for an Oakland attorney, while Bill "hung out, reading and exploring the area." I can just picture it."

Berkeley by Foot: Put on your walking shoes and learn a lot with a new book about where to ramble in Berkeley as your guide, By Lisa Fernandez in the East Bay Monthly (November 2015)
"Theirs is the first walking book of Berkeley that's "all encompassing," meaning it focuses on the city as a whole, including history, architecture, a little opinion (especially on buildings that seem out of place in the neighborhood), maps, names of trees that line the street, and just the right amount of juicy gossip to keep Berkeleyans popular at cocktail parties."

Five star review on Amazon - Kathleen Haley (Nov. 9, 2015)
This is a really helpful, charming, knowledgeably written, multidimensional book. I've done several of the walks, splitting them up when I have less time to do them in their entirety and then coming back to resume them as time permits. On each walk I make dozens of memories because of this book and the situations it allows me to stumble into. I take it out on Sundays or late afternoons, when owners of houses, dogwalkers, and walking groups are likely to be crossing paths with me, and either they spot the book in my hand or they sense the adventure I'm on, and we strike up delightful conversations tangential to the material in the book. The book has made me triply curious about all the different plant species, native and non-native, that inhabit the Bay Area; it has also made me into an avid novice architectural historian, which I never would have predicted. Admittedly, I really walk around each house pointed out and described in the book and try to notice every detail the authors remark on. Several times homeowners have come out and taken me on a guided tour of the backs of their houses, their yards, their creeks, and other notable features, and we have even consulted the _Berkeley Walks_ book together when their house or area was on the tour. I love the book's well laid-out maps and the sensible progressions of the walks that go along clearly with those maps. The walks are also helpfully distinguished according to the level of challenge their topography and length present to walkers. The things these authors notice are the things not only I would want to notice on a walk, but have always had in my sights to know more about--as a result, the book feeds my hunger and curiosity in many different ways. It has become my pedestrian bible of sorts!

Welcome to Berkeley: Let's Go for A Walk! blog post by Janet Byron on Every Body Walk website (includes top 10 sites of historic interest in Berkeley)
"Whether you live in Berkeley or have the opportunity to visit the city, Bob and I encourage you to get your recommended 30 minutes per day of walking by taking a spin around our town!"