Series 1 Walks

Three all-new walks explore little-known paths and streets; architecture, from Victorian to striking contemporary; the first creek brought out of a culvert to be free-flowing again; bits of history; the former homes of famous Berkeleyans; the site where flower nurseries flourished; views from the hills; a wooded area; and handsome street trees, large rock outcrops, and much more. Just click on the link to view/and or download. The three walks, with maps and photos in full color, are:

  • Berkeley Woods

  • Upper Shattuck and the Marin Circle

  • Strawberry Creek Park and the Santa Fe Railroad

Series 2 Walks

The second series includes contoured streets with many connecting paths and stairs high in the Berkeley hills, the commercial and residential areas near the iconic Marin circle fountain, and the south side of downtown and its surrounding residential areas with evidence of the Japanese American presence. Again just click the link to view or download. The three walks are:

* Cragmont Literary Lanes

* South Shattuck

* Solano/ Northbrae

Series 2 Walks Link

Series 3 Walks

The third series (just out September 6) goes into the northeast corner of Berkeley and crosses over into Kensington for views and some exercise, explores the attractive residential area in North Berkeley that spills over into Albany, and moving into the flatlands of southwest Berkeley finds a lesser known but fascinating area undergoing significant change. Click on the link below to view or download. The three walks are:

* Northeast Berkeley and Kensington

* Along the Berkeley Albany Border

* Changing Southwest Berkeley

Series 3 Walks Link