In three all new walks explore little known paths and streets, architecture from Victorian to striking contemporary, the first creek brought out of a culvert to be free-flowing again, bits of history and the former homes of famous Berkeleyans, the site where flower nurseries flourished, views from the hills, a wooded area and handsome street trees, large rock outcrops and much more. More details are now available on the three walks at the Payhip site. Just click on “Preview” at the top when you get to the site using the link below.

Bob Johnson has been busy developing many new self-guided walking tours and the first three are now available as a downloadable pdf file of 32 pages which can be printed out or viewed on your device such as iPad or PC. The walks are: Berkeley Woods, Upper Shattuck and the Marin Circle, and Strawberry Creek Park and the Santa Fe Railroad. This version features maps and photos in full color. These three fascinating walks are now available in one package for only $4.99. To purchase the set of walks for immediate download please click on the button below or use this url to go the site at Payhip where they are available (and you can easily pay using Paypal).